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Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you for choosing me to capture such a special time in your life and secondly, for allowing me the opportunity to have lots of baby cuddles!


For you:


I would like to let you know that my studio is quite small and for the baby's safety and comfort, it will be very warm too. So be prepared with cool clothing and maybe a drink and a nibble to help keep you going, as the shoot can take up to 4 hours. There is also a cafe on site if you wish to buy any refreshments.


In order to create a relaxed and soothing environment, for baby, I highly recommend that no more than two people are present at the time of the shoot.


For Baby:


If you could try to keep baby awake as much as possible on the morning of the shoot and give baby a feed when you arrive at the studio, this will help to keep baby full and sleepy and ready to pose for the camera. Hopefully this will give us the best chance to achieve the sleepy shots you dream of.


Generally, baby will be naked during the shoot, so be prepared for accidents. A newborn without a nappy can sometimes get messy but please don't worry at all, I am used to it! Be prepared with a couple of spare nappies, wipes and cotton wool for cleaning up baby.


 Please bring along some extra feeds if you are bottle feeding, a snuggly blanket and a dummy. This will help soothe baby back to sleep if he or she disturbs a little.


Sibling shots are welcome but I recommend you arrange for someone to collect the older child after half an hour, the studio is very warm and isn't much fun for children.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, I look forward to meeting with you both soon.


Kerry xxx

Please note, Newborn Sessions are scheduled on weekdays only



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