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The Little Smiler session is the perfect shoot for when baby is at that inbetween stage. When they are not quite newborn anymore but not yet sitting independently. These shoots are usually scheduled at around 3 to 4 months of age and they are just perfect for capturing your little one's emerging personality. This is the time when they begin to smile, hold their head up and maybe even achieve a little bit of tummy time. Whatever stage your baby is at, I'll be there to capture it on camera and capture the memory. 

The shoot is totally baby led and will usually last up to about two hours allowing for feeds and nappy changes. We sometimes even manage to capture a couple of sleepy shots too! 

Session Fee


Package One

Up to two hours of studio time

3 Downloadable Digital Images

3 Matching 9x6 Prints







Package Two 

Up to two hours of studio time

8 Digital Images

Three 8x10 prints

Beautifully Engraved USB Key and Box





Package Three

Up to two hours of studio time

15 Digital Images

Five 9x6 Prints


Five 12x10 Prints

Complete set of 6x4 Prints of your chosen images

Beautifully Engraved USB Key and Print Box


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