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Why it's so important to book your newborn shoot before your baby arrives.......

Every week I get at least one enquiry from a new mum wanting to book a newborn shoot for their newest addition to the family. The only hitch being that their gorgeous new bundle of joy is already with us and the clock is ticking towards the end of their first 14 days outside of the womb! The majority of people wouldn't consider this a problem. After all, a newborn is a newborn for the first couple of months, right? Well, in the world of newborn photography, this isn't exactly accurate.

During the first two weeks with your new baby, he or she will sleep for an average of 18 hours a day and most find it difficult to stay awake for more than two hours at a time. You'll certainly notice that they're growing fast yet they will still seem a little curled up, and it's these very facts that a newborn photographer uses to their advantage. In order to get the beautiful sleepy, curled up poses that you envisage from your baby's photo shoot, it's preferrential that the shoot takes place during this important first two weeks. After the first fourteen days you will notice your baby is a little more alert, maybe staying awake a little longer between naps and you'll find yourself getting into a routine and maybe even teaching them the difference between night and day.

The first week or two with your newborn are like no other you'll ever experience: it's hectic, tiring and're getting to know this new little person that you've created and they're getting to know you. And it's a cliche that you'll only realise is actually true once you're living it: they really aren't little for long, time does fly and they're grown up before you know it! These first two weeks usually hurtle past in a flurry of feeding, changing dirty nappies, endless visitors bearing gifts and lots of looking at this tiny being that you've created and thinking..."Wowzers, I made this!". It really is the most precious, unique time that you'll never want to end.

But end it must and before you know it, things are settling into a routine, the other half's gone back to work and you can no longer remember what life was like before your little one joined you on this planet and made your life complete! And it's completely understandable that during this whirlwind that you now know as life, you never even gave a thought to marking the occasion with a photoshoot!

Those tiny features won't stay tiny for long and it's those features that I adore being able to capture in my photography. Little fingers, tiny toes and little puckered lips, it's these characteristics that shape each newborn's personality. All you need to do to book your newborn shoot is to contact me with your due date which I will enter into my diary. A small deposit secures your place and you can then relax until your little one arrives. Once he or she has made their appearance, send me a quick text and we'll book your shoot for usually within the first ten days. It really is that easy!

Feel free to have a browse through my website, get a feel for my style of work and take a look at the different packages that I offer. My price packages have been put together with the belief that photography doesn't need to cost the earth, there is a package to suit everybody's needs. I hope this blog has helped you to understand a little more about the world of newborn photography and the importance of capturing those very early memories in your new baby's life.

I really look forward to meeting you and your bundle of newness!


Kerry xxx

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