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The Importance of a Good Website

A couple of weeks ago Noah and his Mummy and Daddy arrived at my studio for a Smash 'n' Splash session. One of the first things I ask clients when they arrive is how far they've travelled but with Heather and Roy, I could tell immediately from their accent that they definitely weren't local. It's such a lovely compliment to know that people have travelled so far to have their photos taken by me. Heather and Roy came all the way from Liverpool and in that same week I had clients travel from Altrincham, Stockport and Wolverhampton. It's also wonderful to know that my website is doing it's job too after spending such a long time working on it. I never realised how much hard work goes into building a website and how difficult it is to be seen on Google!

One of the main things I wanted from my website is for it to be clear and upfront. I spent a long time researching other photography websites as I was creating my own and one of the main things I found that really would have annoyed me as a potential customer is a lack of clear information and pricing. When I'm shopping for something for myself, I like to see straight away how much I will spend. I don't want to put something in my cart and then find I'm charged a much higher price when I arrive at the checkout. Nor do I want to have to hunt around for the price of something in the first place! Maybe I'm just a lazy shopper, but if it's not all there in black and white, plain for all to see, then I'm out of there as quick as a shot! And this is exactly what I came across time and time again whilst researching to create my own website. So I decided to build a website that I would be happy to use as a customer.

After speaking with lots of my clients, they have all remarked that they found my website really easy to use and had no trouble in finding the price of all of my packages. Up front and no hidden extras, what you see is what you get. My Smash 'n' Splash package for example is one set price and is designed to make it as easy as possible for parents to book, at a time in their life when they are so busy organising their child's first birthday preparations that there simply isn't the time to think about anything else! So I arrange for the decorations, the birthday cake, even the Cake Smash outfit so that all Mummy and Daddy have to do is decide on the colour scheme. Easy Peasy! And it is all clearly set out on my website, exactly what you will receive in return for your session fee. I even had a lady ask me recently if the Cake Smash information on my website is accurate, because it seemed too good to be true!

I'm also extremely fortunate to have my studio in such a beautiful area. Alcumlow Hall Farm is set in the stunning Cheshire countryside and is known as the home of Snugburys, so after your photo shoot you can pop next door for an ice cream! We also have a pottery painting studio, a blacksmith, an award winning cake designer and a beautiful interior designs shop to mention just a few. If you are planning your wedding, you could pop in to see Carole, who designs stunning bespoke wedding invites. And did you know that Alcumlow has an absolutely breathtaking wedding barn? So if you still haven't found the perfect venue, this cold be the place for you! All this and a children's play area makes for a lovely little trip out, who could ask for more! So if you do decide to book in with me and you're travelling from a little further afield, there's plenty to do at Alcumlow to make it worth the trip!

So I'll leave you now with some gorgeous images from Noah's Smash 'n' Splash session, we had such a lovely time and I absolutely adore his little face, all of his images were just stunning and I'm in love with every single one!

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