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Ava and her baby sister Aubrey

Just before Christmas, Ava and her baby sister came into the studio for Aubrey's Newborn Session and I thought it would be nice to give you a little insight into what goes on at a sibling shoot.

Sibling shots are included in the newborn package as are parent shots although photos with a brother or sister can sometimes be, shall we say, slightly more challenging?! The age of the older sibling can very often determine how co-operative they are going to be and sometimes a certain amount of bribery can be required! A good idea can be to bring along your little one's favourite snack, in fact almost a whole packet of white chocolate buttons was once used at a recent session!!

Because I schedule a newborn session to last for up to 4 hours, there is certainly no rush and I like to take the time to get to know your little one and to become friends if possible, gaining their trust and helping them to feel at ease in the studio. Of course this isn't always guaranteed, given all the time in the world there are some children that are just a little too shy to feel comfortable around this strange lady with the big camera and then there are some that just simply don't want to be photographed with this new little baby that has turned their life upside down!! But rest assured, I have patience and determination in abundance and I will certainly do my utmost to get the shot for you!

Ava was so easy to photograph as she is a little older at 5 years and she was super excited to have her photo taken! To be honest, she was a little star! She followed my instructions with ease and she absolutely doted on her baby sister, it was wonderful to watch! And then at the very end of the shoot, she gazed into Aubrey's eyes, turned to me and her Mummy and asked us, in the most serious voice.......

"When Aubrey is older, do you think she'll be.......a Ninja?!!"

Hands down, the most amazing question that I have ever been asked by a child in my entire life!!

Is it any wonder that I love my job?!

Here are a few of my favourite images from Ava & Aubrey's Photo shoot...

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